Conference contributions

  1. Görres, C.-M., Kammann, C., Chesmore, D., Müller, C. (2017). Including soil fauna in soil carbon monitoring. “4per1000” Initiative Day, 16.11.2017, Bonn, Germany (poster presentation) (CAGO_poster 4per1000_2017).
  2. Görres, C.-M., Kammann, C., Müller, C. (2017). Simultane Analyse atmosphärischer CO2– und CH4-Konzentrationen und δ13C-CH4-Werten in diskreten Gasproben aus einem Isotopenverdünnungsexperiment (CH4ScarabDetect) mit Hilfe von Cavity-Ring-Down-Spektroskopie. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stabile Isotope e.V., 09.10. – 11.10.2017, Göttingen, Germany (poster presentation) (Abstract ASI 2017).
  3. Görres, C.-M., Chesmore, D. (2017). Development of species-specific pest monitoring tools for soil-dwelling Scarabaeidae larvae based on stridulation patterns – A case study with Melolontha melolontha and M. hippocastani. 16th Invertebrate Sound & Vibration meeting, 14.09. – 17.09.2017, Rauischholzhausen, Germany (oral presentation) (pdf).
  4. Görres, C.-M., Kammann, C., Chesmore, D., Müller, C. (2017). The influence of cockchafer larvae on net soil methane fluxes under different vegetation types – a mesocosm study. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, 23.04. – 28.04.2017, Vienna, Austria (poster presentation). Geophysical Research Abstracts 19: EGU2017-12499.
  5. Görres, C.-M., Kammann, C., Chesmore, D., Müller, C. (2016). “CH4ScarabDetect” – Detecting and quantifying methane emissions from Scarab larvae using stable carbon isotopes. Joint European Stable Isotopes User group Meeting (JESIUM) 2016, 04.09. – 09.09.2016, Ghent University, Belgium (poster_jesium-2016).

Public Outreach

Workshop CH4ScarabDetect for persons actively involved in cockchafer research and monitoring, 09.03.2017, Geisenheim University, Germany (in German) (Programme).

Information board at the mesocosm field experiment (in German) (13.10.2016).

Hochschule Geisenheim University receives Marie Curie Fellowship (in German) (10.02.2016). This blog post was also published in several local newspapers.