Happy Birthday EU!

On 25th March 1957, 60 years ago, the Treaty of Rome was signed. That marked the beginning of what we know today as the European Union. Since then, the EU has funded many research projects, both in basic and applied research, e.g. through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions which fund my current project CH4ScarabDetect.

There is one thing that the EU does not want researchers to be – the infamous people in the ivory tower. The EU expects us to be mobile within Europe, to cooperate with research institutions in other countries, to connect to businesses and NGOs where applicable, and to communicate our research to the public and public stakeholders. How we accomplish this task is our own responsibility as researchers.

Today, I am in Salamanca at a conference of the Marie Curie Alumni Association. The goal of the Marie Curie Alumni Association is “promoting an active community of researchers benefiting from the European Commission’s Marie Curie programme”. Todays topics cover ‘Protecting Freedom in Science’, ‘Science and Business’, ‘International Mobility and and Mobility of Scientists’, and ‘How can MCAA help display researchers’. This conference is open for everyone and you are welcome to tune and listen to the keynote speeches in this livestream.

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